UCI Latinx Resource Center

Affiliates Program

The Latinx Resource Center’s affiliation process is for Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) interested in getting more involved with us and whose mission aligns with supporting, educating, and promoting the Chicanx/Latinx/Hispanic community and cultures.

Benefits of affiliating with the LRC:

  1. Relationships with student organizations (and staff) that affiliate with the LRC
  2. Organization information & events promoted on LRC newsletter
  3. LRC staff attend & support your events
  4. Participate in planning committees for LRC signature events

Affiliation Requirements:

  1. Re-Register
    In order to be an affiliate of the LRC, you must be a registered (or re-registered) campus organization with the Office of Campus Organizations & Volunteer programs (COVP). Any questions regarding registration should be directed to the Office of COVP, at (949) 824-5181.
  2. Familiarize Yourself and Uphold the LRC’s History & Values
    Please review our center’s history and values on the LRC’s website. The values of your organization should uphold our values.
  3. Attend Monthly Affiliate Meetings
    In order to better serve our Latinx community, professional and student staff will lead quarterly meetings for our affiliates. These meetings are mandatory and your organization must send one designated board member to these meetings.
  4. Meet with the LRC Pro-Staff
    At least one authorized signer from your organization is required to meet with the Director or Program Coordinator of the LRC every quarter. Available meeting times will be communicated at a later time.


Available meeting can be directly scheduled