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This space features workshops hosted by the Latinx Resource Center. Refer to the list below for more information

Workshop Series

On-Campus Resources Workshop Series



FRESH Workshop

FRESH Workshop: The FRESH Basic Needs Hub Workshop provides more information on the accessibility of common pantry and toiletry items. The FRESH Basic Needs Hub also offers a weekly food pantry, which due to the current situation is done outside of the normal facilities, assistance with CalFresh applications, and assistance with voucher program applications.

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CSL Workshop

CSL Workshop: The CSL Workshop aims to provide more information on the various leadership opportunities offered by the Center for Student Leadership. Amongst some of the opportunities one can find leadership classes, such as LEAD @ UCI and Thrive @ UCI, Admin Intern program, a internship where students are paired with one particular department on campus, and Student Parent Orientation Program volunteering, where students can volunteer to serve as mentors during SPOP.


UC Immigrant Legal Services Center

UC Immigrant Legal Services Center: UC Immigrant Legal Services provides free immigration related legal services to students, as well as their immediate family members (spouse, siblings, parents, children). Get in contact with the campus staff attorney Lucero Chavez Basilio for more information at lucero.ucimm@law.ucdavis.edu. or at lchavezb@uci.edu

Professional Development Workshop Series



Linked-In Workshop

Linked-In Workshop: The Linked-In Workshop is part of the professional development workshop series aiming to provide students with guidance on how to properly utilize the Linked-In tool to create their profiles. Additionally, the workshop features a live demonstration on how to properly utilize the search bar to create new network connections, identify potential mentors, and interact with individuals who are engaged in interesting work.

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Resume Workshop

Resume Workshop: As the second event in the professional development series, the Resume Workshop provides students with  tips and tricks to create their first resume. However, if you already have one, you might benefit from hearing some of our advice. You can assess your resume as new views are shared on the main components of a resume.



Interview Workshop

Interview Workshop: As the last event in the professional development series, the interview workshop provides students with focal points during the interview process. Have you had any previous experience? If the answer is yes, then, that is great! Come and reassess your strategy for future interviews to be better prepared next time. If you have not had any experience in the past, come, learn about interviews, and create your own strategy!


Grad School Panel

Grad School Panel: This panel features three UCI alum who were invited to share their grad school journey as Psychology majors.

Info Sessions


LRC Internships Info Session: The Latinx Resource Center Informational Session strives to describe the roles, responsibilities, and commitments of the internship positions within the center. This session provides additional information for the next cycle of applications for hourly paid internship positions. The positions advertised are: the Graphic designer position, the Arte & Cultura Intern, the Wellness Program Intern, the Community Programs Intern, and the QTPOC Intern. Make sure to apply to be part of our team!


Celebrando Afrolatinidad Programs 2022


Our Celebrando Afrolatinidad series were created for celebration of Black History Month. In this section you will find all of the programs that took place, and if applicable, links to the recordings of the events!

Flyer Celebrating Afrolatinidad

"Hella Black Mexican": A Conversation with Creator Ehcrama Marche

Ehcrama is a writer, filmmaker and editor. Born and raised in Montebello, CA she quickly discovered her passion for creating. She’s worked on set as a Cinematographer, Camera Assistant and Art Director. Ehcrama has worked on a variety of projects from Music Videos, Short Films, Commercials, and Feature Films. Since graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, Ehcrama has worked as a director of photography, art director and animator with her latest creative venture being the creator of an Animated, Cartoon, Telenovela Series called, “Hella Black Mexican” on YouTube.

Let’s talk AfroLatinidad: Writing as an Act of Liberation with Anyiné “Angie” Galván-Rodríguez

Educator. Blogger. Founder. Writer Dominican born, Puerto Rico and Chicago raised blogger Anyiné (ann-yee-neh) “Angie” Galván-Rodríguez, identifies herself as a AfroLatina.  Her journey as a blogger, inspired by her daughter, began in 2013 when she decided to share her experience as she transitioned from relaxed hair to fully natural hair curls through her blog AfroLatina Natural. What began as a “naturalista''blog about her natural hair journey and hair product reviews, flourished into a pathway to embracing and confirming her identity as an Afro-Latina. Her blog and social media platforms are venues of self-expression of her experience of being an Afro-Latino/a in the USA.  In addition to sharing hair product reviews for natural curly hair and encouraging more women to go natural, she continues to share her experiences through an Afro-Latina lens as a mother, woman and educator.  Ultimately, she hopes her writing will increase awareness of the Afro-Latino experience in the USA and Latin America

Abstract Artist as Model Citizen: Envisioning Social Identities in Postwar Brazil with Dr. Adele Nelson


Hosted by the UCI Center for Latin American Studies, the department of Art History presents Abstract Artist as Model Citizen: Envisioning Social Identities in Postwar Brazil with Dr. Adele Nelson.