UCI Latinx Resource Center

Latinx Resource Center Internship Info-Session

The Latinx Resource Center's Info Session was created to provide additional information about the currently paid positions within the center. As many students know, the LRC is a new department within UCI and many are curious or oblivious about the positions currently available within our center.

Our Current Positions

  • Wellness Programs Intern
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Field Study Intern
  • Indigenous Communities Programs Intern
  • Arte y Cultura Intern
  • Advanced Field Study Intern
  • Admin Intern | Volunteer Program Coordinator
  • QTPOC Programs Intern
  • Community Programs Intern
  • Graduate Student Intern

*Our paid positions include: Graphic Design Intern, Arte y Cultura Intern, Wellness Programs Intern, Community Programs Intern and QTPOC Intern.

More information on these positions can be found in the presentation slides below.