UCI Latinx Resource Center

Leadership Opportunities

This section is dedicated for Leadership Opportunities within the Latinx Resource Center and other departments. Please refer to the list below for more information.

Affiliates Program


The Affiliates Program is a partnership opportunity between the Latinx Resource Center and registered campus organizations interested in building and leveraging their network to support professional development of their members. The affiliates program strives to empower joined organizations to proactively provide applicable resources, guidance, and host signature programs.

DREAM Project Fellowship (DPF)

Hosted by the DREAM Center, the Dream Project Fellowship is a fellowship that provides academic and experiential learning, professional development, financial opportunities, and networking to undergraduate and graduate students regardless of immigration status.

The fellow has the opportunity to be placed on one of the many centers on campus, including the Latinx Resource Center! The fellow is paired up with a project mentor and work on mutually beneficial career and leadership development collaboration. It is strongly encouraged that undocumented students without a work authorization permit to apply to this fellowship. To apply or learn more click HERE!

Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs provides opportunities for community engagement and leadership development. Through mutually beneficial campus and community partnerships, students explore social issues by engaging in direct service, reflection, and critical dialogue. They aspire to be a resource that encourages and empowers the campus community to become global leaders. Click on the image to join and learn more!