UCI Latinx Resource Center

History of Nuestra Grad

Nuestra Graduación formerly known as Raza Graduation began in 1978 as a small and intimate backyard event to celebrate graduating Latinx  students. Years later, Nuestra Graduación was cultivtated to be one of UC Irvine's largest cultural graduation with over 300 participating students and over 4,000 guests. ​

This graduation is unique in that it is organized and conducted entirely by students for students. Each year a committee of student volunteers work to create an intimate, festive, and culturally inclusive graduation ceremony that celebrates the achievement of our latinx grads. 

Name Change: We the Nuestra Grad Committee, formerly known as Raza Grad, changed the name due to the exclusivity that the name hxstorically and culturally entails. Raza is not inclusive of all the identities within the Latinx community that this ceremony intends to celebrate. The Latinx community is composed of many cultures and Raza is not representative of that, since it is limited to Mexicans/Chincanxs folks. Also, considering the hxstorical violence that Mexican centrism has imposed within the Central American community, we need to be critical and accountable of our community to do better. The roots of Raza Grad on this campus has laid the groundwork to allow us to celebrate our achievements alongside our families, and for that work we are grateful. However, this should not limit us from continuously growing and improving the work we do. As Nuestra Grad, we will strive to promote inclusivity and acknowledgement of the entire Latinx community.

Highlights of the celebration

  • The ceremony is bilingual, it is interpreted in English and Spanish.
  • Graduates are given an opportunity share some words and acknowledge those who have supported them along their journeys.
  • Graduates can now walk alongside two guests of their choice.

All Students will receive:

  • Graduation Stole
  • Tickets for graduation (every student was given an estimate of 12 tickets)
  • Senior Gift
  • Event Program

Overall, Nuestra Graduación aspires to be a celebration that highlights the achievement in higher education of the Latin community at UCI. It strives to amplify student voices and create a space that celebrates diversity, Latin accomplishment, and serves to empower students.

All of the information was obtained and adapted from: Nuestra-Grad